A professional photographer is an investment, it's true. But it's a smart one.

For professionals, photos are an essential marketing tool. In an age when every business has a website, and nearly everyone has a growing social media presence, there is no excuse for not having photos that properly reflect who you are and what you do.

For everyone else, an image is a record of a moment. Whether it's a family shoot, a wedding, a portrait, event coverage, you name it, photos capture instants that would otherwise be lost to time. They are literally invaluable.





Maybe you're in business, maybe you're in the arts. Maybe you're building a family, or maybe you just plain don't know what comes next. An image can help you sell yourself, or it can be a keepsake that lasts for generations.

Headshots, Portraits,



Want to remember your wedding forever in a beautiful, customized album? Want to include an engagement session prior to your wedding day? There's a package to suit your needs. And even if there isn't, I'll work with you to build one.




Events are fleeting.  They can take months to plan, and then just a few short hours to come and go. Photographs immortalize the spirit of an event: the place, the people, and moments big and small.