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Feb 22, 2019

Hi, friends! I’ve been terrible at posting photos, so much so that some people apparently think I’ve stopped altogether. We can’t have¬†that. Check out these highlights from 2018! ¬†

Mar 3, 2017

I thought we could take a break from our usual fare and dip into the archives for some shots from an old art project.

Jan 19, 2017

No, you’ve been neglecting your blog!

Some highlights from the last few months.

Jun 24, 2015

I had the opportunity last year to stop over to watch about an hour’s worth of the 45th Annual Chicago Pride Parade.  And I brought my camera along because, I mean, obviously.  What an awesome thing to see.

Apr 10, 2015

The last week (plus change) has seen several visits to the studio, and since the weather in Chicago is just starting to feel vaguely hospitable again, we even started going outside for a few shots.  We kept the tone a little bit blue, though because – let’s be honest – Chicago has a long way to go still before I forgive it for this winter.

Dec 8, 2014

I’ve had the opportunity lately to shoot several batches of miniatures for folks for wargames and tabletop roleplaying games.  It really is incredible, the sheer amount of detailed work and care that goes into painting these guys, and it’s a very satisfying feeling, being able to use a camera to help their owners showcase all that TLC.

Aug 7, 2014

August, you guys, and I haven’t posted here since… April, it looks like?  Part of that, yes, was plain old garden variety negligence.  The other part, though, was a busy darned summer.  Busy enough that to write posts for everything was… hard.  So, you get everything in digest form, and maybe then I can call myself Up to Speed.