I love working with people: equipping organizations, artists, entrepreneurs, and job-seekers with tools for marketing and self-promotion, capturing the "let's never forget today" moments of people's lives, or just helping people look as good as they want to look. 

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People sometimes ask what a shoot with me is like, and I usually reply by letting them in on my dark secret, which is that oddly enough I myself hate having my picture taken. It makes me uncomfortable.  It feels artificial and forced. Suddenly my face stops working and my hands feel like a pair of anvils with nowhere to go. With that in mind, I make it my priority on my shoots to make the experience relaxing, to try to help my subjects forget as best they can that we showed up to take pictures. Usually this means that, once I have a camera in hand, I make fun of myself a lot (the material writes itself), give plenty of directions, and, for better or worse, tell a lot of the sorts of jokes your dad probably likes to tell.

Shooting with me

Photography's been a hobby and passion of mine since my high school years, but I only decided to channel my love of picture-taking into a career in about 2012. Since then, I've been working with actors, musicians, families, couples, businesspeople, and organizations to create memorable images that do credit to the people they are and the work they do. My background is in theatre, which I like to think keeps me gregarious, thoughtful, punctual, creative, and easy to talk to.

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