Jan 19, 2017

In Summary

No, you’ve been neglecting your blog!

It’s hard (for me) to remember to keep this thing updated when there’s lots going on: big workload; oodles of travel; new apartment; new dog; the holidays; jaw-dropping, unspeakably depressing election results. All that good stuff!

All this to say, it’s been a while, and I’m thinking that, seeing as how it’s been roughly ONE HUNDRED YEARS since we last had a blog post, the better part of valor is a summary post with some highlights from the last few months with some more in depth posts to follow sometime soon! Stay tuned!

Without further ado, photos!

Production photos below from the original play “Give Me the Map,” by Robert Hawkes, produced in Cleveland, Ohio at convergence-continuum. A tremendous production!

2016 was a tremendous year for spending time with some very happy families.  Such a blast doing these shoots, and for returning clients, such an honor to be able to watch these kids grow!

We’ve had headshots!

And we’ve had portraits!

And one time we had…. this:

Lots more to come. There’s a lot to show, and I’m excited to get it out there. Blog posts may continue to be slow as I work to get this woefully out-of-date website updated, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Glad to be back on the grid!

Stay classy,