Aug 7, 2014

I’m Not Dead!

I don’t know who all reads this, but those of you who do:  Did you think that I was dead?  Yes?  No?  Well, I wasn’t.  Or, if I was, I am back now.


It is, in fact, August.  August, you guys, and I haven’t posted here since… April, it looks like?  Part of that was, yes, plain old garden variety negligence.  The other part, though, was a busy darned summer – busy enough that to write posts for everything was… hard.  So, you get everything in digest form, and maybe then I can call myself Up to Speed.

Less talking, more pictures:

April and May saw a pair of gorgeous weddings that I had the privilege to shoot.  First was Jill and Andy, who had their ceremony and reception out in the Elgin area.

Jill and Andy are incredibly sweet together, and it was an honor to be asked to be a part of their day.  Jill’s father presided over the ceremony, and the reception that followed was lovely.  Folks danced for hours when they weren’t playing with their new Mold-a-rama party favors.

Which, I mean.  Awesome.

Jill and Andy got to visit Ireland for their honeymoon, and I am green with envy.  (Pun, I’m sad to say, very much intended.)

Just one week later I got to shoot Chris and Jaina on their special day.  Chris and Jaina love each other like crazy, if my eyes don’t deceive me, and they had an intimate ceremony and reception all in the beautiful Prairie Production studio and event space on Chicago’s west side.

Chris and Jaina had a kransekake at their reception, which I know I’d never seen before.  It’s the traditional wedding cake of Norway, and it tastes like almonds and sugar and bread and all sorts of deliciousness.  Their wedding being on “May the Fourth,” lightsabers were also present.

Have I seen lightsabers before?  Yes.  At a wedding?  I don’t think so, no.  So: kudos.

Photo credit: Angela Garbot Photo credit: Angela Garbot

Chris and Jaina are back from their honeymoon in Portland, and we wish them many happy returns.

Thanks also to my friend Angie Garbot for coming along with me to both weddings.  Great good fun having her at your elbow during a shoot.

Just a couple of weeks later, I got to see and shoot a preview performance of Waking Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline.  (That’s…. that’s William Shakespeare, you guys, if you didn’t know.)  Lots of fun to be invited to do this, and a neat as a photographer.  Light was low across the board, and it was amazing to have to of shoot in such a dark, intimate environment.  Some shots available in the gallery here:

Oh, and did I mention the show was out of this world?  Hat’s off to the designers, cast, and crew on putting together a piece that was immersive and funny and tragic and all of the good stuff.  Cheers.

Early June found me capturing shots of Ahead, LLC’s Looking Ahead 2014 Tech Summit.  Hoo boy.  You guys.  I have never heard so many smart people talk so smartly about smart stuff for so many hours in a single day in my life.  These people are sorcerers, I think.

There was a heated debate about data storage systems!  It was incredible!

The event was held at Venue SIX10 downtown.  Gorgeous.  Ahead is doing huge work in Chicago (and across the country).  I hope I’ll see them again soon.

There was barely time to recharge my batteries (literally) before I got to visit the folks over at Vantage Leadership Consulting.  Vantage is in the process of redesigning their website, and I got the opportunity not only to take headshots of all the members of their company, but also some shots of their office and the exterior of their building.  I won’t post pictures just yet because I don’t want to beat them to it, but hopefully once the new and improved site is up and running I can check back in and show it off a bit.

Big thanks to everybody at Vantage for listening to all my bad jokes, and bigger thanks (and profound apologies) to the people who spent the day in earshot and figured out after the first hour or so that I only know about eight jokes in total, none of them very good.

Back home at the studio I’ve been putting into practice some new headshot styles I’ve been playing with.  Results are to my liking so far.  Thanks to Whitney and Ryan for being so pretty.

If you or anybody you know is in the market, I’m offering shots like these at discount while I fill the portfolio up.  Get ’em while they’re hot!

It goes on!  Not so long ago I got a message from Nikki, who wanted to capture some images with her husband Steve before their baby came.  We took a trip out to the park and had a quick (but fun!) session.  Some images below.

Their beautiful daughter arrived just yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.

Congratulations, you guys!

Finally, I’ve been dabbling a bit in photographing miniatures.  It’s amazing the number of hours that get poured into the painting of these tiny things.  The tenderness and care with which they’re treated and the amazing detail you find when you get your camera in nice and close is absolutely incredible.  I’m hoping to get a chance to do more.

There’s been other stuff, too.  The devil sitting on my shoulder says to show it, but the angel sitting on the other side says that this post has already gotten plenty long, so.

For closers, though, I will tease a project that my friend Betsey and I have been working on.  We’re putting together an “Interrogation Room” series.  It’s gonna be dark and lonely and full of shadows.  We’re excited about it.  Here’s a taste:

Thanks for reading.

Be well.  More soon.