Apr 4, 2014

Chi-Fi 2014

The fun thing about being a member of the Our Fair City crowd is that you get to hear about, and frequently get invited to – sometimes with a camera, all sorts of interesting events you might not otherwise have heard about.

Ryan Bond, OFC’s Marketing Director, was kind enough to invite me downtown last Saturday to capture some pieces of the Chi-Fi’s inaugural geek conference downtown.  Roughly one million things were happening, but my focus was on two panels (one on creating audio drama, one on Dr. Who fandom) and on a performance from the band Time Crash.  Check out a few shots!

You can learn more about Chi-Fi here!
Also! Credit where credit is due. Non-OFC panelists from the panels I covered came from Geek Girl Chicago, the Whiskey Rebellion Theatre, Wildclaw Theatre, and Two Girls, a Guy, and a Tardis.